Thursday, October 21, 2010

VBScript Global Properties

Global Properties

Sets or returns a Boolean value that specifies the search string pattern matching is all or only the first match.

object.Global [= True | False]

RegExp object is always the object parameters. If the search applied to the entire string, Global property is True, otherwise the value is False. The default is set to False.

The following code illustrates the usage of Global properties (change the value of property given to Global and to observe its effects):

Function RegExpTest (patrn, strng) Dim regEx, match, matches''to establish variable. Set regEx = New RegExp''establish a standard expression. regEx.Pattern = patrn''set the pattern. regEx.IgnoreCase = True''set to distinguish the letters are case-sensitive. regEx.Global = True''to set the whole nature. set matches = regEx.Execute (strng)''perform a search. for each match in matches''Repeat match set RetStr = RetStr & Match found at position RetStr = RetStr & Match.FirstIndex &. Match Value is''RetStr = RetStr & Match.Value &''.& vbCRLF NextRegExpTest = RetStrEnd FunctionMsgBox (RegExpTest (is., IS1 is2 IS3 is4))

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Monday, October 18, 2010

Problems and breakthrough IPTV

According to CCID Consulting, released in late July, "the Chinese IPTV Market Analysis and Strategy Report", the first half of 2004 and 2005 IPTV users in China were 46,000 and 267,000. China IPTV has a bright future, faced with a rare opportunity, but there are many problems and risks. Therefore, the development of IPTV, seize rare opportunities for development need in the business model, network model, content and intellectual property protection and other aspects of innovation and breakthroughs.

Strictly speaking, IPTV at home and abroad are currently in commercial trials. Since the development of IPTV in China Netcom, "every day online" in 2004 was China's first video since the license has begun to take contour. December 28, 2004, Shanghai Media Group, founded by the East Network TV announced formally launched. In addition, Dalian Netcom, Netcom Yichun, Sichuan Telecom, Shanghai Telecom, and Shanghai Mobile and other operators have begun small-scale test conducted with the cooperation of Alcatel Shanghai Bell.

Problems and risks

China's IPTV industry risks, the present mainly in the following five aspects.

First, the operation mode. As a network, and telecommunications networks and Internet triple play of the concentrated expression, IPTV industry chain, many stakeholders involved, and therefore need to have a business relationship to rationalize and coordinate the interests of all operating modes. However, existing systems lack this ability, but to develop a new system, no large-scale application of practical experience, with a very difficult.

Second, the content and intellectual property protection. Operators and content providers need to transfer between the digital content delivery, storage, and copy and no loss of fidelity. At the same time, IPTV content is also involved in licensing standards, encryption standard, key management standards and architecture, etc., but these problems are not an appropriate solution.

Third, the technical standards. IPTV is a highly integrated product, involving a large number of business links and technical standards, and only IPTV service involving a variety of technical standards to ensure the unity of the smooth development of IPTV business.

Fourth, industrial policy. Policy factors are the decisive factors affecting the development of IPTV, the outstanding problem is access to telecommunications and broadcasting policy is unclear. Meanwhile, IPTV and digital TV that the treatment, how to achieve effective management of the IPTV and coordination of all parties, but also affect the healthy development of key IPTV. The present situation, the policy of the obstacles caused by the uncertainty is much greater than the technical obstacles.

Fifth, networks and devices. Network and equipment and the essential technical issues, mainly due to immaturity caused IPTV business.


Combined with the actual development of China's IPTV current situation, drawing on international successful experience, we believe that the Chinese IPTV market should open up following directions from the break.

First, the establishment of a IPTV platform interactive entertainment brand. Interactive entertainment is a huge industry, and IPTV is the interactive entertainment business, many bearing platform, allowing users to have the brand in the entertainment sense of belonging is very important.

Secondly, the formation of customer-driven customer segmentation strategy and program content segments. High-quality content is the core of IPTV business competition, the program content over competitors, and effectively segment customers to develop differentiated pay channels to increase the viscosity of business is operators to solve the problem.
Finally, the coexistence of upstream and downstream to create a win-win business model. By the equipment suppliers, content providers, operators and end-user composition of IPTV industry needs a common value-added co-profit business model.

Three directions around the need to do the following: identification of a reasonable, affordable rates, flexible service delivery, using binding modes of operation, relying on the popularity of the development of broadband IPTV, identify the killer application, increasing user awareness degree and take care of user habits.

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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Telnet in RHEL 5 on the opening process

1, make sure your telnet service is not open:

[Root @ 111 ~] # chkconfig - list | grep telnet

ekrb5-telnet: off

krb5-telnet: off

[Root @ 111 ~] #

Note here that off test results

2, open the telnet service:

[Root @ 111 ~] # chkconfig krb5-telnet on

[Root @ 111 ~] # chkconfig - list | grep telnet

ekrb5-telnet: offv

krb5-telnet: on

[Root @ 111 ~] #

Inspection has been opened

3, modify the login files securetty, a major increase to the terminal point of landing

[Root @ 111 ~] # vi / etc / securetty

Add the following lines:

pts / 1

pts / 2

pts / 3

pts / 4

pts / 5

... ...

Save eject.

If chkconfig krb5-telnet on

Prompts Unencrypted connection refused. Goodbye.Connection closed by foreign host. See the error message seems to be saying for the encrypted connection is rejected, view his profile did not find any on the encryption option, and the configuration file is also correct, then go to google search a large circle, and finally find a foreigner to write a solution:

I really needed a bit of guidance and you provided it. / sbin / chkconfig - list | grep telnetThe above command told me I had both krb5-telnet and ekrb5-telnet, andalso the installed telnet all on. Initially I did not know what theywere all for. After turning them on and off and testing my telnetconnection from another box I realised that "ekrb5-telnet" was theencrypted telnet server that I needed to turn off to run "krb-telnet" which allowed non-encrypted telnet / sbin / chkconfig ekrb5-telnet offThanks for your help.

Original ekrb5-telnet is a need to encrypt the telnet service to start on the course, this service requires encryption. Solutions: / etc/xinetd.d/ekrb5-telnet inside disable change = yes, then restart the xinetd service xinetd restart service to OK it!

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Saturday, September 25, 2010

LINQ advanced features brief

This article describes the advanced features of LINQ, which includes a concern for all usage and the use of dynamic query IQueryable expression trees based on the data source to construct a dynamic query.

Advanced features of the dynamic query LINQ

Such a scenario: the application may provide a user interface, users can specify the user interface one or more predicates to filter the data. This situation did not know at compile time check the details of dynamic query will be very useful.

In LINQ in, Lambda expressions are a number of the basis of standard query operators, the compiler creates lambda expression to capture the underlying query methods (such as Where, Select, Order By, Take While, and other methods) defined in the calculations. Expression tree structure of the data source used for the query, the data source to achieve IQueryable. For example, LINQ to SQL provider to implement the IQueryable interface, used to query relational data storage. C # and Visual Basic compiler will check for the compilation of such data sources for the code, the code will be generated at run time an expression tree. Then, the query provider can traverse an expression tree data structure and convert it to fit the data source query language.

LINQ expression tree is used in that type assigned to Lambda Expression of variable expression. Can also be used to create dynamic LINQ query.

System.Linq.Expressions namespace provides for manually generated expression tree API. Expression class contains a particular type of expression to create tree nodes static factory method, for example, ParameterExpression (that a named parameter expression) or MethodCallExpression (represents a method call). Compiler generates an expression tree is always the root of the node in the type of Expression, which TDelegate that contains up to five input parameters of any TDelegate commission; that is, its root is that a lambda expression.

The following examples describe how to use the expression tree to create a dynamic LINQ query.

Select advanced features of LINQ

The following example shows how to use IQueryable expression trees based on the data source to construct a dynamic query, the query of each customer's ContactName, and methods for their use GetCommand generated SQL statement.

/ / Based on the data source to construct a query IQueryable
IQueryable custs = db.Customers;
/ / Set up an expression tree to create a parameter
ParameterExpressionparam = Expression.Parameter (typeof (Customer), "c");
/ / Set expression tree
c.ContactNameExpressionselector = Expression.Property (param, typeof (Customer).
GetProperty ("ContactName"));
ExpressionExpressionpred = Expression.Lambda (selector, param);
/ / Set up the expression tree: Select (c => c.ContactName) ExpressionExpressionexpr = Expression.Call
(Typeof (Queryable), "Select", newType [] (typeof (Customer), typeof (string)),
Expression.Constant (custs), pred);
/ / Use the expression tree to generate dynamic query IQueryable query = db.Customers.AsQueryable ()
. Provider.CreateQuery (expr);
/ / Use method for SQL statements GetCommand
System.Data.Common.DbCommandcmd = db.GetCommand (query);
Console.WriteLine (cmd.CommandText);

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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

flash hand-painted butterflies (only six steps to complete)

Hello everybody, I'm Argus. No long hair thing, and today made a small tutorial flash painted butterfly, very simple, can be practicing the same hand. I was divided into six steps (do not know why always love in six steps, before the blink of the tutorial is six steps). Follow suit it, very simple.

1: First draw wings, you can use the pen. Adjusted gradually to about it ...

Figure 1

2: copy, flip. Adjust position.

Figure 2

3: art, body parts, as is the simple lines (the best time of the new layer of paint, because after do the animation)

Figure 3

Figure 4

4: Fill color. Irregular or simple graphics, border color is black, 2 pixels. Fill three or four color, orange color on it. Border thickness and color according to their size of the graph control.

Figure 5

5: The following wings, roughly the same way, only to be more careful.

Figure 6

6: basically completed, I felt a little something, observed that too few elements, modification of look, Figure:

Figure 7

Copy the same image look around and completed. I am here only to initiate a good future, how to do animation art, to apply where to go, you can play for free Oh!

Figure 8

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Do not let the knowledge base has become garbage

Souls of knowledge management is not a panacea, KM business without the right strategic objectives, if not properly resolve the human side face the dilemma of combining technology, KM may be thrown into the trash - this paper five cases are noteworthy.

Knowledge management for large enterprises now have the basic concepts are also able to realize that knowledge management is indeed a powerful tool to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises. Although many people have explicit knowledge, tacit knowledge, learning organizations, the letter catchy term, but fear the boss of the moment, or little knowledge of the promotion of KM; or not enter, or kept off their feet, to reduce the knowledge Management should value.
Some enterprises will want to be too simple knowledge management that build the Notes or the Exchange platform for employees to share Office document files, and then designate a Chief Knowledge Officer (CKO, Chief Knowledge Officer), and then run several knowledge management the book club, that is knowledge management.

Things, of course not so simple.

KM should not be taken lightly push

Many of the staff responsible for promoting the KM first encountered practical difficulties is that in the end only benefit any information into the Knowledge Base? Information filtering, sorting, classification, there is no principle can refer to? The second common problem is how to encourage employees to share and willing to contribute? What incentives can refer to? How the system integration and performance? In addition, when the company has been a part of e-knowledge is complete, access control should be how to prevent the outflow of the employees, to file the hands of competitors?

Knowledge-sharing or protection, has practice management needs and concerns. But most importantly, if there is no reason why the first companies to promote KM clearly defined strategic objectives, it is easy to mistake the next Fan "someone's pet" or "overkill" of problems, then we may all end up to the original Knowledge has become a pile of Garbage!

Someone's pet core competitiveness is not clear

"Someone's pet" of problems, mostly resulting from their core competencies (Core Competence) ill-defined, let us look at specific cases.

Case 1: Shanghai Yonghe King soymilk, has been successfully developed in China chain management system. Had to develop the chain system, the formula must be written into all kinds of flavors, "Standard Operating Manual", the owners are worried that once standardized, staff turnover will be taking its Know-how, and to train more potential competitors. Introducing the international financial resources in, a measure of its advantages and disadvantages, decided to take a more open strategy, entirely written Biaozhun Hua's operating procedures, complemented by intensive training programs for staff, Zhongyushiqi successful in quickly Fazhanchengwei covers Shanghai, Beijing's Daxing chain pathway.

Case 2: Taiwan's business network in a home shopping industry who have a variety of page specification, ordering process, feedback mechanisms such as the production of standard procedures into the web page, Bu Guoque Huaiyiziliao outflow to Jingzhengduishou may Yijing, Yin Wei seems Jing Zheng opponents to sneak into the company as employees recently, the standard procedure of its specification data acquisition upon completion of the separation, so that continued loss of competitiveness, operating performance deteriorating, so the industry plan to all of the standard operating procedures, adopt a strict reading them altogether restrictions and encryption measures to improve the competitiveness of the phenomenon of a gradual loss.

Many businesses have become accustomed to "hold back" approach to maintain a competitive advantage, but also to see things in the end retained on the right or wrong.

Shanghai Yonghe King milk taste is the core competitiveness? Internet companies a reason for poor performance, because the standard operating procedures and web design process due to the outflow of it?

By Tiffany King's case, the rapid development of chain systems and logistics systems, staff training mode, is the key to its success, taste loss formula, and the competitiveness of its core fundamentally no direct relationship, or McDonald's employees in the work-study students, not to have become a potential competitor of McDonald's?

Case of an Internet company, just let new employees to reach out to core competencies from that to information, is showing internal controls and contract law services staff side management measures, there is no comprehensive plan, sufficient seeds of future failure seed. And the Internet company's weak operating performance, I am afraid its business model and charging bias is the major reason for pride in the industry standard workflow procedures for loss of or not, in fact, sluggish business conditions and no direct relationship.

Overkill, do not understand human nature and technology area

"Overkill: it may be human nature, science and technology issues arising from surface and solving is not a correct understanding.

Case 3: a domestic electronics OEM manufacturers, to prevent the outflow of core R & D knowledge, build a complex information system, the various layers of encrypted files is not permitted without authorization store colleagues, modify, print, upload, download, The editing of any action, we need through the "File System Control Center" to sign the nuclear process "verified before publication, printed or circulated. But in a second Information Center Inventory were surprised to find that employees can file for E-mail folder files in the way, transmitted to servers outside the company, and a number of designs have been flight.

Although information technology can protect important files Buzhi Yu lost or copied, but still not 100% prevent theft and break caring people, spent a lot of money by the build layers of protection and centralized control of the inconvenience, but sometimes more caring people want to challenge and stimulate the ambition to break, only through the legal side of the norm, and for the conduct of the examination and long-term supplementary education in order to reduce the probability of outflow of the core knowledge content.

Between line to avoid diminishing marginal utility

The level of knowledge and information value, not in the rich or not, but that is timely, appropriate manner, too. Enterprises will build a rich knowledge base, to attract creative colleagues on the line or reading; or active form of electronic newspaper delivered to colleagues in the mailbox. Regardless of form, must be a clear understanding of the knowledge content of diminishing marginal utility, Knowledge and Garbage often the difference between a fine line between.

Case 4: A manufacturing industries across the Taiwan and mainland China have the Intranet system and build a complete Notes database, is the progressive implementation of KM plan database for KM colleagues, quite a lot of due diligence of the input database, but found in very low utilization rate of employees. The typhoon also makes the owner's good intentions to promote KM greatly reduced the staff there is no consensus on the KM, the work of colleagues enthusiasm gradually reduced, so that the hard build the KM system, the surface more and more like a formulaic effort.

Case 5: A business colleagues, knowledge management, there is a substantial interest in new knowledge, keen to play the role of communicators from time to time to the latest information, new knowledge industry, and personal experience feelings, to e-newspaper form sent to all company stationary colleagues, but they inadvertently discovered one day, its hard editor of the newsletter was identified as disturb the work of several colleagues spam (Junk Mail), readily Jiu threw "recycle bin" ; deleted, so that the peer disappointment.

A well-planned, KM rich knowledge base, but can not lead to colleagues interested in the use of information technology can no longer solve the problem. Only through community operation mechanism and performance appraisal system with the actual combination of enthusiastic participation is the key trigger colleagues. The enthusiastic colleagues to email colleagues in the various wealth of information, if not the correct form, not the right time, delivered to the hands do not need, it is likely to become another man's junk.

If the promotion of KM process, place the following types of signs, it can get special attention, because your Knowledge will most likely be in the near time Garbage.
Knowledge management become the seven signs of spam

First, knowledge of supply and demand imbalance, expectations vary.

Knowledge of the supply side and demand-side, have different perceptions of each other, excessive expectations, often disappointing start. For example, the source company just to continue to expand the knowledge base, I hope lots of learned new knowledge workers, do not ask why the demand for employees new knowledge; or lots of creative businesses want employees to share, but not allow employees to share knowledge, to lift the threat of flu, will make knowledge management encountered great obstacles to the promotion.

Second, the outdated and can not immediately convey knowledge.

Knowledge of the benefits are time-sensitive. But the "timeliness" in the definition, referring to the users need the time, rather than the time happened to the information, news and history Douyou its value, but users need to access the data under certain conditions Mouzhong, Que can not immediately respond to his complete information, knowledge transfer results will be significantly reduced.

Third, solve practical problems or effective.

Knowledge of the content on the workers in the work if you can not produce real help to solve a specific problem, or to assist decision-making support, even with more information, at most, only Bale played the role of the library.

Fourth, not the right situation, not the correct form.

R & D-based and marketing-oriented companies, need to collect information and knowledge development course to be different; the rapid development of the enterprise, and organized the burden of enterprises, the knowledge transfer methods should be used, is also different. Knowledge, newsletters, discussion boards, document libraries, e-Learning tools such as knowledge of different content are also different areas of application and application time.

Fifth, the transfer to the wrong person.

Production, marketing, human capital, R & D, financial and other business functional, or project members, the knowledge needs of different course, absolutely can not meet all the needs of specific knowledge should be limited scope, limited functionality, the provision of the most complete content. This is precisely why the recent enterprise portal (EIP, Enterprise Information Portal) and knowledge management system so closely related reasons.

Sixth, the use of low knowledge base.

No matter how you consider the fine, how deployment of the full, a bar to drink without user knowledge base, there is no value at all.

Seventh, no effective diffusion, dissemination and sharing.

E-business knowledge to the ultimate goal is to quickly spread, disseminate, share and enjoy their cost. Therefore, access control within a specific staff for specific knowledge sharing and distribution, should have full freedom, to protect the data encryption and related technologies, is another issue. If you just want to record and store documents and files in the past, then you really need document management functionality should only be just.

KM to create a knowledge-based enterprises

Knowledge-sharing or protection, representing the two extreme measures, to be in different situations, to play a different role. To share strategies, should the community (Community) started the business, whether actual or virtual community, need to create a well-coordinated groups (Collaboration) environment, to take protective strategies, information security technology should surface, then the legal contract with employees face in order to achieve concrete results.

In between sharing and protection, Knowledge, or the value of Garbage is often very subjective and different time, different objects may have different interpretations. In the process of e-business, first learn how to locate a good sense of proportion above, avoid Knowledge into Garbage; further, the eyes of others Garbage converted into their Knowledge, may qualify as a true "knowledge enterprise" ; right?

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Movavi Zune Video Suite

Movavi Zune Video Suite is a simple yet smart and powerful application to convert video and rip unprotected DVDs for your Zune device. With Movavi Zune Video Suite, you can easily rip DVDs and convert video in any video formats to the MP4 format for your Zune device!

Rip your DVD collection: start DVD to Zune converter as a DVD Ripper and save unprotected DVDs for your Zune device. Just add a DVD, select the preffered language and subtitles, choose a ready-made preset, and then save your video!
Convert video: select video in any popular video formats and save the movie for Zune using Zune Video converter!

Input video formats: AVI (DivX, XviD, etc.), DV AVI, MP4 (Sony PSP, Apple TV, iPhone, iPod, etc), WMV (including Zune), ASF, 3GP, 3GP2, 3GPP, 3GPP2, QuickTime (MOV, QT), DVD, VOB, IFO, VIDEO_TS, AUDIO_TS, MPG, MPEG 1,2,4, VRO, MOD, DAT, MJPEG, VCD, SVCD, H.263, DVR-MS.

Join multiple video files into one large movie, extract soundtracks from your videos and DVDs and save it in the MP3 format.

Use powerful editing tools to optimize your videos: cut, merge, crop, rotate, adjust, and even add watermark!